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kn> Thanks again.  "Obviously"  :-) I intend
>> *boot the other partition, and let it become C:
kn> On this machine, that isn't even on the first hard disk.
kn> My boot loader will swap them

     (Hi, Eric: I try to boot from second disk and BIOS really makes
swapping, instead just calling MBR from second disk. You was right. Though,
don't know how will behave bootloaders, which allow to boot partitions from
second disk, if such bootloaders exist.)

kn> and make the specific partition active.  However, when I boot from CD, the
kn> MBR boot loader is bypassed.

     There is another story: when you select in BIOS setup "boot from: D:
(second disk)", then it "swaps" disks (second disk available as first, and
vice versa), so C: assigned to "active" partition on _physical second_ disk.
When you boot from CD, then BIOS now not swaps disks, so C: now again
assigned to active partition on _first_ disk. This not relates to MBR

kn> Then, when FreeDOS comes up, it sees the "wrong" C:.

kn> If I hide all of the primary partitions on the first hard drive,
kn> I'm not quite sure what the BIOS will do.

     BIOS doesnt deals with partitions, this is issue of MBR bootloader.
BIOS just call code from MBR (first sector on requested disk). If code in
MBR will not find active partition, then most probably it says something
like "Missing operating system" (of course, this depends from code, which
written into MBR).

kn> boot sector MUST be written to the USB stick.  Somehow,
kn> it rarely seems to be C:.

     Then write boot code into bootsector of any available disk/partition,
just say its name ad argument of SYS. Bernd already explain this.

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