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Hi Jim,

>Good idea, but I'm not sure how to implement this.  I'm open to 
>suggestions.  Add a link to the yellow announcement box for "Odin" and 
>"ISO"?  Or create a separate download button for "Odin" and "ISO"?  Or, 
>add text links below the "Download FreeDOS" button to get just "Odin" 
>and "ISO"?

Maybe a small colored box which have a few words:

Quick Download FreeDOS bootable images:

<1-Floppy Distribution: Only have necessary tools>

<ISO-CD Distribution: Full package>

>I suppose it would be good to describe (keeping it short) that ODIN is a 
>single-disk distribution of FreeDOS, and ISO is the complete distribution?

Exactly :-)
>> 4) Build a link to 3rd party developers such as DOS32a, MPX, QV,
>> OpenGEM ... etc.
>Do you mean the FreeDOS Software List?  This already exists, but is 
>broken out by software category (GUI, Util, ...)

I know it's hard to maintain, but at least let the others know FreeDOS
can run those programs, and let them visit the programs homepage.

Sorry, I have no idea how to change the design of the front page, but
I feel current page have too much items which is quite confusing.


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