On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 01:34, Eric Auer wrote:
> Hi Theresa,
> > FreeDos is legal, isn't it?
> FreeDOS is completely free and legal, written by volunteers all over
> the world. Even some of the GUIs are completely free and legal, while
> others are not free. The above should tell you that many people do not
> give a damn about copying MS Windows or MS Office from their neighbours,
> but it is certainly illegal. There are various legal alternatives:
> Use OpenOffice.org, which is free and legal, pay 100s of bucks for a
> legal copy of MS Office, or buy it bundled with a new PC, in which case
> it costs only a fraction of the normal price. Exactly the same happens
> for Windows: As an alternative, you can use Linux, BeOS Zeta, FreeBSD or
> any other free operating system (including FreeDOS), but you can also
> buy it for quite some money, or buy it bundled with a new PC or at least
> "piece of hardware". The bundled price for WinXP Home is around 100 Euros
> as far as I remember.

I've been very impressed lately by some of the "missed opportunities" in early 
Win31/Win95 Office Suites and DOS WordProcessors.  A complete Office Suite 
that fits on less than 9MB hard disk space - I like!

In relation to that, does anyone know where I can find the specifications of 
the native WordPerfect file format?  And suchlike?  I know O'Reilly's had 
something of the sort, and there might have been something similar published 
somewhere else - but I don't know where to get copies.


Wesley Parish
> In either case, WinXP and MS Office are far too "heavy" for your very
> old laptop. So you can only use it with Win95 or at most Win98se. In
> Germany, it is legal to sell 2nd hand copies of any Windows version,
> as long as you REALLY sell it (give everything to the one who buys it,
> and delete everything on your own PC: You must MOVE it to the new owner,
> not COPY it...), but in other countries, it can happen that a Windows
> license is glued to a human being or PC forever, even if the PC falls
> apart into a pile of rusty dust. Anyway. You can buy 2nd hand copies of
> Win95 for 20something and of Win98se for 40something $$. You wrote that
> your laptop already has Win95 installed anyway. If you have a legal copy,
> e.g. have the license certificate around, then you can probably ask MS to
> send you a new CD-ROM if you have lost the original one. And, at least my
> personal feeling tells me this, nobody would complain if you use the CD-
> ROM of Win95 of somebody else to install drivers on the Win95 which you
> already legally own, even if you no longer have the original CD-ROM.
> I hope that answers some of your questions.
> Eric.
> PS: Please do make sure that you configure your EMail program to send
> mail only as plain text. At the moment, you use HTML, which is pretty
> "unstylish" for mailing lists / not nice and easy to read.
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