hi folks,

i'm geraldo from brazil and this email is a mix of
and other things.

a little introduction of myself
i'm geraldo from brazil as i said above and i'm a huge
freedos fan.
well, i knew freedos a long time ago when it was at beta5
i'm a student of "information systems" here in brazil and
always that i can
i make some tests for eric.

so i separated this email in some parts...
congratulation, support eric/jason hood/all developers,
support pcmcia driver,
lucho<>jack (udma driver rules), internationalization/docs,
irc people,
kernel development, distribution, misc

so here it goes, i hope to be not banished of mailing list :)

wow i think that the freedos people does a nice work :)
my little "try" to contribute to freedos is trying to help
eric, i make some tests for eric always that i can.

support eric/jason hood/all developers
please support eric, jason and all others developers
where is bart, lucho, john elliot, jason hood, imre leber,
daniel nagy,
steve nickolas, steffen kaiser, joe cosentino and even where
is Pat Villani?
all those guys made matter on FreeDOS project, of course i'm
missing a lot of
other important names here...
why am i saying it?
We need all developers here, this is why i said "where is"
I'm not saying about eric, jeremy, tom, arkady, jh, bernd,
jlam and other people because they
are already active on FreeDOS development, and i think that
they all love, live, think in FreeDOS
24h per day, just like me :)
i also like the utilities of jason hood
this guy does a nice job maintaining shsucdx, lfn driver and
some others
he is like Eric, babysitting softwares :)
so if you can, support him too :)

support pcmcia driver
why develop an pcmcia driver for dos?
i think this is a nice thing which can be really usefull
it will extend freedos features and it is like udma drive
for freedos once only freedos have this feature, of course i
know that i can run on other doses but
it does matter once it will be maintained by someone which
develops mainly for freedos
I know that eric, already talked about it. i'm talking about
it again
to know if someone is interested in developing this driver
for freedos
community. I don't know the license, i just know that it was
"donated" by deskwork
(http://www.deskwork.de/) guys that are making an OS written
in pascal AFAIK.
please, if you are interested talk to Eric directly, ok?

lucho<>jack (udma driver rules)
what happened?(if you allow me to know, of course)
the udma is simply magic :)
it is amazing what udma driver can do for us :)
nice work Lucho and Jack and please, don't fight Lucho/Jack,
FreeDOS community needs both, ok?

i Think that we need a "strong" work on documentation.
We need more people working on documentation, i myself
translated some documentation for pt_br but it needs some
another important thing is make all FreeDOS documentation
compatible with the linux documentation project
because doing it, we can produce better documentation(follow
standards is good AFAIK...)
and another important thing is submit it to the linux
documentation project
and translating documentation will help a lot people that
doesn't speak english.
doing this FreeDOS will be accessible for everyone
interested, because people will
have a chance to read manuals in your native language.

irc people
I think that irc is a nice form of communication that can be
better explored, most time when
i join the fd chanel i just see the same guys (i think 5 or
6) martin stromberg, tassilo, eric and some other
guys that are always there(uhm, sorry people, i don't
remember all names). So why am i saying it?
well, i think that if we have an irc chanel we need to use
it, right?
of course that i know that some of you are married and maybe
have children and wives to care
but if you have some time, please join our chanel, it would
be nice at least talk directly to you
about FreeDOS, i think that it is even better that mailing
list, because it works as a instant messager :)
so talk to people to use irc :)

kernel development
what about stop development for a time and revise code
before release
FreeDOS 1.0?
I think that we are near and far at the same time of FD1.
because we already have a (nice) kernel and a (nice too) shell
(Free)DOS is a replacement of DOS, right?
So i think that we need to care about of the "FreeDOS World"
that is check if we already have this utility, develop(or
I alreay know the all the "todo list" from the "oficial"
todo list
to Eric's todo list and also post FD1. i think that not all
are prepared for internationalization, i don't remember the
name of
the library that make softwares able to work in other language.
there is a long way to make FD1 available...

so I think that FreeDOS distribution is nice
and have a lot of features like our GUI installer
This is the first installer for DOS that have a
nice GUI wizard AFAIK :)
good work people :)
but i think that we can "bloat" the FreeDOS distribution
with some interesting softwares so this is my list:

Partition saving a norton ghost like software but gpl and
for dos :)


the latest version of arachne(now gpl)

a nice audioplayer, i don't know if it is gpl but it has the
source available

ps and pdf viewer with source



http://yzonesoft.buildtolearn.net/html/bolitaire.html ->
already know solitaire game

4th compiler


chuchunco city 2000

The Macroassembler AS


open gladiator

vavoom, a doom engine



a lot of lynks and other ports

Binary vIEW

syslinux, our old friend :)

the utilities of jason hood

i think that freedos need a plan, please note that i'm not
that freedos is not structured, i'm just saying that it is
important to
plan something(please, don't not define time to make things
it will just
disturb the development)

is possible to implement a virtualfilesystem layer on
freedos kernel?
with a vfs layer freedos would be able to support others
what about port squashfs (http://squashfs.sourceforge.net/)
to freedos?
squashfs is a smart read-only fs. and extending it (making
this vfs layer)
we will be able to make other nice things like read/write
raw files
and then mount raw files/isos :)
what about put a "loopback" support in together with vfs
like in linux?
it is another interesting thing

what do you think about create a hardware abstraction layer
on freedos kernel?
it is interesting to make freedos "portable" to others

i like arkady's optimization but i think that
first we need to revise the kernel code before
sending to arkady, ok for you, arkady?

michael does a nice job with emm386/himem
and martin stromberg did a nice job too a long time ago...
now, what about both working on emm386/himem?

bernd where can i find the md5 of fdbeta9 sr1?

what about put fdodin as little "replacement" of fd distro?
just like livecds, knoppix is a "little" (and nice)
replacement of debian
with everything that users uses :)

again, Thanks for this incredible piece of software!
and keep this good work :)


ps: let me know if i wrote something wrong, ok?
pss: who is brazilian here? is there anyone here?
psss: ah, let me know if i said something which made someone
pssss: like Jim Hall says:
" --
I'm sorry my president's an idiot. I didn't vote for him."
i can say the same for "Lula" the president of Brazil...
I think that i can use this msg once everything here is GLP :)

Acabe com aquelas janelinhas que pulam na sua tela.
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