At 07:52 PM 4/29/2005 +0200, Eric Auer wrote:

More problems ahead. I tested several programs with EMM386 2.0,
setting X=TEST VDS. Many failed. Most of them did work, however, when I
added EMM=20480 to the settings, to disable the EMS / XMS / VCPI memory
pool sharing. Some programs still failed now, and only worked with the
old EMM386 1.15 properly.

Finally found the initialization problem that would affect many users running VCPI- or EMS-based applications. I'll post a 2.01 EMM386 fix version later today

It should clear up your DOS extender problems, anyway. Except for DOS/32A having a hard limitation of 256M VCPI. That bit of stupidity on its part will take user intervention to circumvent.

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