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Michael Devore escribió:

It should clear up your DOS extender problems, anyway. Except for DOS/32A having a hard limitation of 256M VCPI. That bit of stupidity on its part will take user intervention to circumvent.

Hi Michael,

I like very much the report that you do at every new posting of EMM. Just one thing that perhaps it is quite worthwile, it is to mention the switch for HIMEM to be used to circumvent the problem, so that it can be easily reported by Jim in the webpage, and gets documented somewhere in other place than the message where you posted the result.

The /MAX=256M option? Actually, I wouldn't be so mad about the DOS/32A problem, except

1. It leaves allocated all the memory it allocated up to the fail point. I mean, the developers are able to make it work well enough to give a "gee, we're sorry" error message and terminate, but they don't have it clean up afterwards. Completely avoidable situation with basic programming skillz d00ds.

No way to free back the allocated memory either, unless one is handy with assembly language and a debugger. The only good thing is that since the first fail eats up a ton of memory, you can usually run the bound application again and it works, because DOS/32A chewed up so much memory the first time it failed. Probably take several times through if you have a 2G machine, though.

2. It is so heavily touted on the mail list and Bugzilla as THE solution to DOS extender problems. Maybe that will die down a bit now.

Of course, maybe they have fixed DOS/32A. Releases are stopped dead on SourceForge for last couple of years, but I could be using an older bound-in version for the failing MPXPLAY than last release.

Or there's a chance of a bug left in EMM386. Doesn't act like it though, and since they didn't clean up after themselves, either way I won't say I'm sorry for calling its behavior stupid.

DOS/32A supporters can research if there is a workaround or fix. I think after all the recommendations given for it, the cheerleader(s) might feel responsible to see why it fails.

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