Maybe this tool will help you: http://www.datapol.de/dpd/

Build in NTFS support would be cool. Maybe sometimes someone will be interested in implement it. I am using FAT32 (also for the WINXP partition.)

Bye, Flo

Jim Lemon wrote:

I have been using FreeDOS as a platform for a battery of human performance tests for a few years. It has allowed me to keep a very useful test battery going with the demise of MS-DOS, as the tests take over system interrupts and do not work properly in a DOS window. However, it is becoming more difficult to maintain this as there are hardly any PCs with VFAT partitions anymore. I have managed to keep up so far by producing a bootable CD-ROM and writing the data to a diskette, but even this is getting edgy as many desktops come without a diskette drive now. What I am wondering is if FreeDOS has developed the capability to write to NTFS filesystems so that I could run the tests under FreeDOS on the CD-ROM but write the data to an NTFS filesystem. Also, I'm not sure if M$ has any other filesystems that I might need to consider. Apple seems to do this with their HFS - every time open source HFS tools appear, they change the spec.

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