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Ha! That's it. Some SCSI BIOS uses INT 4BH. It must be passing the register value that VDS interprets as a VDS function, which means AH = 81h. Hmm, let me look things over to see if there's a way to resolve the conflict by further determining the difference or if it's inherently incompatible.

Okay, this looks like the smoking gun.  Now to figure out a workaround:

INT 4B - Common Access Method SCSI interface (draft revision 1.9)

        ES:DI -> CAM Control Block (see #03229 at INT 4F/AX=8100h)
InstallCheck:   test for the string "SCSI_CAM" eight bytes past the INT 4Bh
Notes:  the CAM committee moved the interface to INT 4F after revision 1.9
          to avoid conflicting with the IBM SCSI interface and the Virtual
          DMA specification
        the only driver to date reported to use the CAM interface on INT 4B
          instead of INT 4F is from Future Domain (which has drivers for CAM
          on either interrupt)

INT 4F - Common Access Method SCSI interface rev 2.3 - SEND CCB TO XPT/SIM
        AX = 8100h
        ES:BX -> CAM Control Block (CCB) (see #03229)
Return: AH = status
            00h successful
            01h invalid CCB address (0000h:0000h)
Note:   the SCSI Interface Module (SIM) may complete the requested function

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