Michael Devore schreef:
Well, we can check if your VDS vector is okay pretty easily. Try this with the test EMM386 using VDS option. Don't type VOL first to crash things or load UDMA.

After bootup, type debug to run DEBUG.EXE. At debug prompt, type d 0:12c and press enter.

debugging on the freedos-user list.. :)

1) harddisk present, but unpartitioned and not formatted
d 0:12C
U 0307:0145
U 0307:0180

MOV BYTE PTR CS:[0084],00
JZ 01E1

2) harddisk present, partitioned and formatted
d 0:12c
U 0313:0145
U 0313:0180

MOV BYTE PTR CS:[0084],00
JZ 01E1

There will be a display of 2-digit hex numbers, the first line lists four of them. Probably the first two will be 45 01. Whatever they are, type them in as U <4><3>:<2><1>. So if the four numbers are 45 01 21 03, type U 0321:0145 and press enter.

You should see a assembly language listing starting with CMP AH,81 followed by JZ 0181. Take the 0181, or whatever it is, and type U 0321:0181 (replacing 0321 with the number you typed for first U and 0181 with the number after JZ), then press enter.

You should see OR AL,AL, then JZ 014A.

If you don't see that let me know. If you do see that, then your basic VDS re-vectoring is fine.

Houston, we have a problem.
I tested with the official EMM204 release, and FreeDOS DEBUG.
Booting from diskette, might try on reallife system also if I can.


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