Hi Bernd,

just get the 'unofficial'/'development' versions of components.
*SYS 3.6 from www.fdos.org/kernel  (sys.dev.com)

OK, I got this one from the hyperlink on the front page.

*kernel 2034, 2035, 2035A and the CVS kernel

Sorry, I don't understnad. It looks like four different files (?) and I
can't work out how these numbers relate to the directory listing on the
fdos.org/kernel website.

*Format 0.91U (see www.freedos.org frontpage)

OK, that was easy!

*COMMAND.COM 0.84pre (www.fdos.org/kernel)

Sorry, again I don't understand. I don't see anything called 0.84pre on
the fdos.org/kernel page or directory listing?


OK, but any specific version, or site I need to visit? I currently have
1.3.0beta that came with FreeDOS Beta9 SR1.

yes. Case is, is that it's needed to know so I know you start from a stable environment.

I'm pretty sure this will work as long as the boot sector goes across OK.

4. SYS a: c: BOOTONLY (put FreeDOS bootsector onto c: drv)
5. Start Windows real-mode setup program

again, check the SYS commandline to see if you need /BOOTONLY or BOOTONLY :)

The older version of SYS uses BOOTONLY without the forward slash - at
least according to the help file. I always check command /? before
running anything!

Thanks again, sorry for not understanding the notation used for files.

Gerry Hickman (London UK)

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