Thanks for the help finding the files! Here's the original text from Bernd, note where he says 'unofficial'/'development', and gives 'fdos' as the site:

just get the 'unofficial'/'development' versions of components.
*SYS 3.6 from www.fdos.org/kernel  (sys.dev.com)
*kernel 2034, 2035, 2035A and the CVS kernel
*Format 0.91U (see www.freedos.org frontpage)
*COMMAND.COM 0.84pre (www.fdos.org/kernel)

can't work out how these numbers relate to the directory listing on the
fdos.org/kernel website.

I'm looking at the page now, but all the cmdxms.*.zip are saying they are HEAD, and I believe I need the "unstable" branch to test this...

FreeCom only has one branch that I touch (HEAD is just cvs terminology for the primary branch); though other branches do exist (state unknown and/or already merged into HEAD).


I updated the descriptions a little, so hopefully it is clearer which are the recommended versions for more general testing/use.

Great! Any extra descriptions are helpful:)

I see 2.0.35a on SourceForge, so that must be the Kernel I need. On the fdos.org site you've put description "{roughly 0.84pre}", so I'll go with that one for the COMMAND.COM

Gerry Hickman (London UK)

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