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It is documented, within kernel source doc directory and at

Strange that it says WinME is unsupported, and doesn't mention if Win9x FAT16/32 bootsector works or is (still) broken.
somewhere 'segent' --> 'segment'

looks like I confused SAVEBS with BACKUPBS, my apologies.

/OEM:XX where XX determines which DOS you want to boot; it chooses/alters the bootsector to be compatible with the given DOS. For FreeDOS all that is really required is passing boot drive in BX and loading full kernel (Enhanced DR-DOS is similar, except uses DX), and MS/PC DOS have a heap of expectations (less so in newer releases). The AUTO option (which is the default) determines based on which files are present (with a hard coded list, the order of which determines the one selected should multiple kernels be present); however due to the similarities, EDR-DOS will be used instead of PC-DOS so PC-DOS must always be manually selected.

/OEM:AUTO usually will mean FreeDOS is preferred, yes.
When you want to force writing a FreeDOS bootsector , use /OEM:FD
/OEM:MS and OEM:W9x are difficult to use, as you cannot determine in batchfile or commandline when looking at the system files which operating system is used. Only thing you can determine it's Windows instead of MSDOS is if you see IO.SYS on a fat32 partition.


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