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Hi Gerry,

>I don't really understand the interest in this. Why would anyone want to 
>"install" it? I mean we all have CD-ROM and bootable memory sticks these 
>days. Why not just release a bunch of files and let people write their 
>own installers. It's a ten minute job. The convoluted SYSLINUX installer 

Because today's user get used to INSTALL programs.

> > Other concerns are 8086
>> compatibility and FAT32 support, as well as being able to compile
>> FreeDOS components with opensource (or at least freely available) 
>> compilers.

8086 with FAT32 simultaneous is not practical. Maybe someone still own
a 8086 PC but please consider support from 80386, because today's DOS
program or XMS is for 80386.

>For me, the bigger issue would be native NTFS, UDF and NFS support, 
>although I understand these are not really "DOS" as such. I mean how 
>many FAT32 drives do you see these days? Not many, although I guess USB 
>removables are causing a major FAT comeback!

Sysinternal have NTFSDOS, though no LFN.

NFS is exactly on of the "killer application" for FreeDOS, but it's a
big project, must start a team to work on it, but seems no one is
willing to take the job

>One thing that crosses my mind a lot is "Should I be using Linux for 
>boot environments instead of FreeDOS?". I don't know the answer, but I 
>imagine Linux will cope with very modern hardware such as x64 and 
>protected execution, serial SCSI, USB and so on, but right now FreeDOS 
>does everything I need.

A single disk Linux boot like FreeDOS, also need someone code drivers
for the modern hardware. FreeDOS already can take some of the DOS
drivers running.


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