98-SE? I was seeing the screenshots and the setup application is
identical to the MS-DOS 6.22!

You know hex editors? ;-)

No need, the source for MS-DOS 6.(something) was leaked/stolen quite some time ago, so one could probably compile a modified setup application from the source :) Of course it would not be wise for anyone who wants to contribute to FreeDOS to look at that source!

Also, a thought on the topic of Windows 3.1 drivers: what is the feasability of reverse-engineering an existing video driver to work out what the interface is? I guess the interface would be simple, at least relative to Windows XP :) I guess it may still be quite hard. Of course this requires the developer to live in a country where reverse engineering is allowed. At least this is one of those cases - for the purposes of making interoperable software - that laws often permit.

Finally, is anyone else concerned about links to illegally-copied software being posted on this mailing list? Perhaps it is bad for FreeDOS's reputation? Perhaps we could get in trouble with the SourceForge folks? Sorry if I am speculating about things that are none of my business! I just note that in some countries and with some service providers/sites you can get in trouble just for posting links to things.


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