Michael Devore wrote:
At 04:48 PM 5/3/2006 -0400, Mark Bailey wrote:
Thanks very much.  I'll have Steve try to trace the problem. I am
rather DOS illiterate, I'm afraid.  What do you mean by "Will the
SCSI base address conflict?"  Do you think the BIOS grabs some high
memory that emm386 might affect?  The current fdconfig.sys loads
emm386 without any options:


I do not recommend a no-option approach if there are any problems suspected or flagrant. At a minimum the X=TEST option should be present. You can also try NOVDS in case there is a SCSI conflict.

Hello, all:

Steve tells me it works without emm386 loaded, but fails with
X=test and NOVDS.  Is there any way to debug this remotely?



Some encouraging news for a change.

The machine boots to c: if i REM out the device=emm386.exe line in

I tried device=emm386.exe X=TEST and device=emm386.exe X=TEST NOVDS
in fdconfig.sys but got the same boot error as before.

I'm not a DOS expert by any means, but I recall something about
extended memory manager and I suppose that's what emm386 must be.

Where do I go from here? Can I live without emm386?

Thanks for sticking with me on this.

Steve K8JQ

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