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 >> >> I wanted FreeDOS to leave my Recovery Partition alone and to install 
 >> >> on my D: drive. Instead, without any instruction from me, it has 
modified my
BC> DOS (including FreeDOS) will only boot from the first recognized
BC> partition.

      No. DOS booted from any partition, from where it will started by MBR.
And (default) MBR loads boot sector from any primary partition, marked as
"active" (bootable). The more so, with help of (3rd party, non-standard)
boot manager you may load DOS from anything (primary or logical partition),
but C: is assigned by DOS to primary partition, which marked as "active".

BC> Sof it you want to do this, you would have to use GRUB or
BC> another boot manager to 'switch' D: to C:.

      Not neccessary: SYS should copy system files (kernel.sys in case of 
FreeDOS) _to_ _any_ requested partition, then you may start boot sector 
from there in any way - through standard MBR (by making this partition 
"active" before rebooting) or through 3rd party boot manager (which may or 
may not mark booted partition as "active").

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