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ce>     I always still wonder what the best order of partition types to use.
ce> and have settled on in order (quadboot): 200mb NXDOS testing partition
ce> (E:), DOS 2gb FAT16 (C:),  4-5gb WINXP  NTFS  (D:),  Linux swap,  Boot,
ce> and Root  in that order. Curious is it better to put swap parts at end
ce> of drive since that seems where drive parks its heads at shutdown, or
ce> between accesses (sleep mode).

      As I understand, you should forget about "parking", because you not
know _real_ processes, which performed by modern disks at shutdown.

ce>      Just and idea... Could it be that freedos installer dont like  the
ce> NTFS partition as primary?

      DOS ignores _any_ partition (primary and logical), which contains
unknown file system (not FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32).

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