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JH> When I set my boot manager to boot this other disk (F: in windows), it seems
JH> to start considering it drive C: as evidenced by the message I get at
JH> startup.

      This is because BIOS "exchanges" drives, when you select to boot from
second drive, so FreeDOS found second _drive_ as first.

JH> However, it then issues two IO errors (>1023 cylinders) and dies in

      This mean something wrong with disk geometry. For example, you
partition disk not when LBA-mode was enabled or BIOS doesn't supports
LBA-translation (when disk geometry parameters are adjusted so, that BIOS
clients get cylynder numbers below 1024).

JH> Is there any way to fix this "too many cylinders" problem,

1. Backup contents of questioned disk.
2. Remove (by FDISK) from disk all partitions.
3. Reboot and ensure, that in BIOS setup turned on LBA mode.
4. Repartition disk (by FDISK or somethink like Partition Magic).

After this there should be all fine.

JH> or am I stuck
JH> booting from the CD? Note that my BIOS won't allow me to change the CMOS
JH> settings for the disk size.

      Of course. Because disk size is an result of other geometry parameters
(number of heads, cylinders, sectors).

JH> Is FDISK or format capable of changing this?

      FDISK only manipulates partition. No one software may _change_ _disk

JH> Also, I really find it odd that an IO error should cause invalid opcodes to
JH> execute.

      If kernel at some point loads (and executes) from disk garbage (because
wrongly interpreted geometry), then this garbage may cause any number of
invalid opcodes.

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