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SM> Does anyone have a build environment they'd be interested in sharing, that
SM> I can unpack onto a WIn XP system and get running in a few hours? A
SM> compiler installation .zip, and a .bat file that assembles and links
SM> sample C++ code and the WATT-32 library should be all I need...

       We (I) may help you by answering precise questions. For example, which
compiler to select, how to run compilation, which optimization options
better to use, etc.

       For example, for OpenWatcom, download distributive (official 62 Mb 
.exe installer or recently announced distributive in .zips), then place 
compiler where you want, configure it (define environment variables, as 
described in readme.txt), then compile your application "wcl app.cpp". Whats 

       If no one deal before with precise library, to no one will/may answer
to you questions, how to link in this library to your application.

PS: There is bug in OpenWatcom binw\wlink, when it produces correpted
executable, when runs in DOSbox. So, you should be sure, that under Windows
you run tools from binnt\, not binw\ directory.

PPS: OpenWatcom also contains IDE, from where you may build your application
for any available target.

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