Hi Jeremy,

You made me spot a fatal mistake in what I did! I was thinking my floppy 
drive was A: - but it wasn't. As I said in my post, I was booting 
FreeDOS from CD-ROM, but that means A: is the emulation session of the 
CD-ROM, _not_ the floppy (duh!), the floppy (containing MD-DOS 6.22) 
would have been the B: drive!

So I should have issued


It probably still won't work, but at least I'll be using the correct 

Ultimately, what I want to do is use FreeDOS to transfer a saved MS-DOS 
6.22 boot sector direct to a FAT32 C drive; I've played around with the 
/OEM:MS switch in the past but couldn't get it to work. The purpose of 
this is to trick Windows setup into thinking it's upgrading from MS-DOS, 
otherwise it puts FreeDOS on a dual boot menu as my "Previous Operating 

Kenneth J. Davis wrote:
> Gerry Hickman wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Today I did this from a FreeDOS bootable CD;
>> 1. Use FDISK to delete all primary partitions, but leave MBR
>> 2. FDISK /PRI:2000 (2Gb FAT32 Ext13)
>> 3. FDISK /Activate:1 (boot to first primary at next HD reboot) <reboot>
>> 3. FORMAT C: <say yes to confirm>
>> I now have an empty working C: drive with FreeDOS boot sector
>> I insert an MS-DOS 6.22 system floppy into A: and type
>> SYS A: C:
>> (I want to install MS-DOS boot-sector, IO.SYS and MSDOS.SYS to C:)
>> What happens next?? It installs FreeDOS boot sector, and kernel to the C 
>> drive!! That's not what I told it to do...
> Where (what drive) are sys, kernel.sys, io.sys & msdos.sys on?
> Or more clearly is kernel.sys and sys on the same (current) drive and 
> the MS-DOS files (io.sys & msdos.sys) on A:, so instead of looking at 
> the source drive sys appears to be using the kernel from the current 
> drive?  or are all three on the same drive, in which case you must 
> specify using the /OEM:MS (I think) option so that the FreeDOS kernel is 
> ignored, as default search order [which you may have found a bug in] 
> will assume you want boot the FreeDOS kernel before any other DOSes 
> (unless sys is compiled for Enhanded DR-DOS, in which case it flips FD 
> with EDR kernel names in its list).  Also please let me know which 
> version of sys you are using.
> Thanks,
> Jeremy
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