Yes, I see that I need to clarify.  This is for a pure FreeDOS system. 
FreeDOS does not have native support for LFN, correct?  I could perhaps run 
a LFN driver, but I don't know how much native support FreeDOS has for LFN. 
If you do some FreeDOS operation on a file that the LFN driver has named 
(move, copy, xcopy, chkdsk), will it strip the LFN?  Or worst case, mess up 
the file/directory structure trying to interpret what the LFN driver has 

The approach that MS-DOS DOSSHELL takes is to offer long Program Item names 
or descriptions that display in the Program Manager, but the underlying DOS 
file is untouched.  The long name is maintained only in DOSSHELL.INI.

The DOSSHELL approach is fine for my purposes at the moment, but I'd like to 
see a more graphical-looking interface.

So that was my question about oZone.  When you say that oZone supports LFN, 
do you mean the Win32 long file name implementation?

--John Hupp

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what do you mean with long names for program items? oZone supports LFN
(long file names), so there should be no problem :-)


John Hupp wrote:
> I couldn't tell from the screen shots or descriptions if the oZone desktop
> currently supports creating long names for program items.  I would like 
> the
> program manager to display "Flight Of The Amazon Queen", for instance, and
> not just FOTAQ.
> --JDH
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> John Hupp wrote:
>> I'm looking for opinions on DOS GUI's.  I'm familiar with 
>> still-developing
>> OpenGEM, but I am especially interested in any freeware/open source GUI's
>> that provide for long names for program items (like MS-DOS DOSSHELL but
>> with
>> a more modern look).  Also your judgment of the GUI's file manager,
>> stability and resource consumption.  Task switching is nice, especially 
>> if
>> stable, but that's a secondary concern.
> A very cool GUI is oZone ;-)))))) It includes a file manager (navigator)
> and is a "modern" GUI with Skin support. Feedback is welcome everytime ;-)
>> An off-hand related thought: Is anyone using Arachne as a primary GUI? 
>> If
>> so, the same kinds of questions apply about its shell support.
> I am using as HTML/Help viewer in DOS. The GUI is very good for a
> browser, but not so good for a general GUI.
> Bye

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