Hi Michael!

> Uploaded to ftp://ftp.devoresoftware.com/downloads/emm386/ are the files
> emmx220.zip, EMM386 version 2.20 memory manager, mostly executable files;
> and emms220.zip, source code files.

Thanks for the update!

> This release of EMM386 and HIMEM has several changes and fixes, two of a
> low-level nature, but at a guess, relatively few current users will be
> affected.  Two bugfixes in the advanced EMS 4.0 handle name function 54h
> were made. EMM386 added support for A20 control, allowing old EXEPACKed
> programs to work without LOADFIX.  A minor XMS free block fragmentation
> issue with EMS and VCPI was corrected. A fix to XMS API function 88h
> reporting highest memory address off by a teeny.  Due to changes in INT
> processing, QEMU should now work with EMM386 and CTMOUSE (this is untested).

Would it be possible to have a test binary where the A20
trick is disabled and another one where the IF trick is
disabled? Then those, for whom the update makes things
worse, could check which of the changes caused that.

I did some quick testing:
Windows 3.1 /s still works well, as do various games - Jazz Jackrabbit,
Raptor, AuGoS, others - and demos - Uneatable, Groovy, Gasoline, Rox...

However, dos4gw based things like CTS Toasted 96 demo and Descent still
only work with dos32a. With dos4gw, they reboot or hang. Descent does
work with dos4gw if emm386 is NOT loaded, though.

Lemmings 3d now works just fine, I think it worked worse with the
old EMM386 but had no time to test.

One interesting problem is that FDAPM FLUSH hangs now!
It does work if only HIMEM is loaded and it does work if
the old EMM386 version is used. Had no time to investigate
but should be easy to reproduce on your test PC. Might be
A20 related, but then why does it work if only HIMEM is
loaded? So my next guess would be the IF patch. I had
LBACACHE loaded but no DMA drivers during the test.

Last but not least I found an evil bug in FreeCOM: If you
COPY things, possibly depending on whether source and/or
target drive spec contain a drive letter, FreeCOM manages
to overwrite the first 4 bytes of the full filename with
what looks like 2 words of garbage (it displays the name
because it shows a file access error). Then it often hangs.
The decision whether a COPY action overwrites a file also
seems to suffer from this.

FreeCOM with LFN is definitely cool but things like those
make me happy about still having 0.82pl3 as fallback :-p :-).


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