At 10:39 AM 7/28/2006 +0200, Japheth wrote:

>On my machine A20 is always enabled. BIOS int 15h reports kbd and "fast" PS/2
>methods being available, but none works to disable A20. IMO if A20 cannot be
>disabled in real-mode, emm386 shouldn't try to emulate "A20 disable" in 

I thought about that prior to the change, but I'm not convinced it's 
true.  A20 always on is because hardware vendors finally grew a backbone 
(much too late) and stopped supporting turning the thing off.  It's not a 
compatibility issue as far as the machine itself, or at least I don't see 
it being machine-specific.

Anyway, leaving A20 always on will always fail EXEPACK and the early PKLITE 
without LOADFIX on high free DOS memory machines.  Who gets blamed and 
flooded with bug reports by typical endusers who encounter that?  Not the 
hardware people and not Microsoft or any of the major software players 
active back when.  Nope, it's FreeDOS itself and FreeDOS developers who 
take the hit.  We may have too, but I hope to avoid it as much as possible.

[Gee, looks like SourceForge has delays in sending out list posts 
again.  What incredibly wonderful timing on its part.]

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