> Uploaded to ftp://ftp.devoresoftware.com/downloads/emm386/ are the files
> emmx220.zip, EMM386 version 2.20 memory manager, mostly executable files; 
> and emms220.zip, source code files.

Thank you for the new release.

While testing I discovered the following...

Do you remember the pentium III machine with 3COM 905B 10/100 PCI
ethernet adapter? It's fully working now!!!
Microsoft Network Client successfully initializes and logs on to domain.

But a lot of machines that worked with your last version 3.13 won't work
The second machine I mentioned in my last posts about emm386 completely
stops responding while initializing emm386 throwing out error messages
this fast on the screen, that I can't read what might be wrong. The only
thing I can see, that there's ouput of some registers like eax. Stopping
of these error messages isn't possible by pressing "Pause", "Ctrl-Break"
or "Ctrl-C".

Another machine (Pentium 4 2,4GHz, Phoenix BIOS, 845G Chipset, Intel
Extreme Graphics onboard) also stops responding while starting emm386.
No keys can be pressed and the floppy light doesn't stop flashing.

Some other machines stop responding while trying to get an IP-address
over DHCP.

Do you have an idea, why the Pentium III machine is o.k. now and the
others not?


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