> C:\FDOS\BIN>cwsdpmi --help
> HDPMI32 v3.05 (c) japheth 1993-2006
> usage: HDPMI32 [ -options ]
>   -r: install as TSR permanently. Without this option HDPMI32
>       remains installed until the next client terminates.
>   -u: uninstall a running instance of HDPMI32
>   -d: disable a running instance of HDPMI32
>   -e: reenable a disabled instance of HDPMI32
>   -l: allocate TLB in low DOS memory
>   -m: disable DPMI 1.0 memory functions
>   -b: keep TLB only while a client is running
>   -t: don't touch CR0 NE bit

This output looks familiar to me.
Most likely it wasn't intentional. If it was, I'm pleased that there is so 
much faith in HX's DPMI host, but ...

- CWSDPMI and HDPMI are not fully compatible. Different cmdline options and
   different environment variables which they will check. And no documentation
   included for HDPMI ...
- why hide HDPMI under a different name? It is no trojan. And it is at the
   very least confusing, if not more.

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