So before I reply - please note that I think that HX is some pretty
amazing software; none of this was meant to be a dig at it.

Blair Campbell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote on 09/12/2006 06:23:48 -0700:

# I tried all of those versions, with and without EMM386, and all fail.
# and cwsdpmi is unmaintained.

Er.  Charles Sandmann is the author; while I will certainly agree that
he hasn't done a whole lot with it in a while, I'm pretty sure that
he does still maintain it.  He's certainly still active on the DJGPP
mailing list.

I'll put some thought in this... I agree that there's certainly not
any "nice" sort of answer.  In other universes I'd propose symlinking
CWSDPMI.EXE to HXDPMI.EXE, but without some changes to the command
interpreter that's not happening...

(Hey now, there's a proposal: what about support for DJGPP v2.04-style
symlinks in COMMAND.COM?)

But this discovery certainly surprised me, and I'm not sure that this
is the right answer... though I'll admit that I won't claim to know
off-hand what the right answer is...

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