Hi Blair,

> Hi.  I couldn't get any version of cwsdpmi that worked properly in
> QEMU, so since DJGPP apps look for cwsdpmi.exe I renamed HXDPMI to
> cwsdpmi because it "just works".  BTW, cheers to Japheth :-).

Thats very bad reasoning. As bad as people who are using kernel
2037 because they like, say, the nice looking config menu better,
ignoring the fact that 2037 has several known real bugs. While HXDPMI
does work okay, it is definitely NOT the same as cwsdpmi. In parti-
cular, cwsdpmi has a configtool (for example to configure whether and
which swapfile to use) which will certainly not work with HXDPMI.

And as no docs for HXDPMI are included, how should I manage to
get a non-swapping *dpmi for DOSFSCK like that, for example...?
By the way, you should probably config the cwsdpmi default exe
for the distro to have swapfiles disabled anyway. Especially as
the distro can be used from cdrom...

Do include both HXDPMI (and other HXxyz tools) and CWSDPMI.
Do include the docs and tools for both HXDPMI and CWSDPMI.
Do not fool users.

should do what you want. If it does not, there will likely
be a bug in your app, in emm386, or both. Report that bug.

There are alternative versions on the original homepage:

http://clio.rice.edu/cwsdpmi/ has basic docs, source, binary
http://clio.rice.edu/cwsdpmi/knownbug.html explains "r5updtst" fix
http://clio.rice.edu/djgpp has all versions and "bigstack" fix

> r5updtst fixes: enable PSE only when avail, not when TSC avail
>   clear upper 16 bits of ESP on mode switch
>   do extra serializing jump on mode switch to avoid PentiumIII bug

> bigstack fixes: as GeForce4 BIOS takes 230 bytes stack, the 256 byte
>   default int stack is too small. Similar problems happen with
>   some SCSI BIOSes. So the bigstack cwsdpmi has bigger stack.

> unfixed: page faults may happen, esp if no swapfile is used,
>   if more than 256 MB int15 but no XMS or VCPI are available.


> On 9/11/06, Japheth <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
[in reply to: somebody found that cwsdpmi in the distro is hxdpmi]
>>> C:\FDOS\BIN>cwsdpmi --help
>>> HDPMI32 v3.05 (c) japheth 1993-2006
>> - CWSDPMI and HDPMI are not fully compatible. Different cmdline options
>> and different environment variables which they will check. And no
>> documentation is included for HDPMI ...

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