Marcel E. Tschudin wrote:
> [... Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 or VMWare ...]
> Here now my questions:
> 1) Which of the two VMs would be preferable for this application.
> 2) Once the VM would be installed, what do I have to do to get FreeDOS 
> installed on it?

Hi.  I haven't run Microsoft's Virtual Server, but I have used the free 
VMWare on Linux, and it runs FreeDOS just fine.  So if that's one of 
your options, go with that.

On my iMac, I have also used Parallels to install FreeDOS - actually, in 
the weeks leading up to the FreeDOS "1.0" I would use Parallels 
exclusively to do all my testing.  Mainly because it was convenient; it 
was sitting on my desk at work, not really doing much.  But it allowed 
me to easily regenerate an empty/blank hard drive, which was great for 
testing the installation process.

On my Linux laptop, I usually prefer DOSemu.  That's because it's very 
light, and does what I need it to do (write programs, compile, and play 

Let's assume VMWare, since you mentioned that.  Once you have the VMWare 
software, you just need to download the FreeDOS "1.0" install CD image, 
and use the VMWare software to "map" that ISO image to the CDROM 
device.  That's it.  Now, boot your virtual machine, and you should see 
it boot up from the FreeDOS install CDROM.  Go through the installation 
process as usual, and you'll end up with a working FreeDOS system.


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