Arachne connection problems were apparently related to fragmentation of drive 
C. I was 
trying to resolve the issue of FreeDos Defrag v1.21 returning error when set to 
optimization". Here is the quote from another thread describing the fix to both 
Defrag and 
Arachne issue.


> After \FDOS\ folder was moved from drive C to drive D, FreeDos Defrag's full 
> optimization started to work ok on drive C. Now there are only four files 
> (and no folders) left on drive C:

> - kernel.sys
> -
> - fdconfig.sys
> - fdauto.bat

> Drastic solution but very effective. I made drive D (with all binaries, 
> Arachne, etc.) visible from WinXP and defragged it from there.

>>> original message >>>

>> Yesterday Arachne was working fine. After that the only thing I did was 
>> defragging 
>> (Defrag v1.21) drive C and shutting off the computer. Arachne is on drive D 
>> which is
>> visible in WinXP ad was defragged from there.  After starting FreeDos a few 
>> hours later
>> I'm back to square one: tcp/ip looks ok but web pages won't load.

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