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>Maybe someone more familiar with qxumbpci could comment here.

Seems it's better to quote a part of README in QHIMEM32 package:

QXHIMEM is an "all in one" driver having all needed functions for users
   who prefer the UMBPCI upper-memory manager written by Uwe Sieber.    It
   combines the existing QHIMEM and QDBOOT drivers' logic.   QXHIMEM loads
   after the QXUMBPCI driver, which is a modified V3.67 UMBPCI that shares
   its upper-memory information.   After QXUMBPCI enables it, QXHIMEM will
   load directly in upper-memory with no "boot" driver.   It provides both
   upper and XMS memory for the DOS system.   It also has an "I-O catcher"
   similar to QDBOOT and can "catch" diskette or hard disk I-O above 640K.
   QXHIMEM will do such I-O through the low memory DOS "workspace" buffer.
   This avoids DMA problems with UMBPCI "Shadow RAM".   QXHIMEM takes 2304
   bytes of upper-memory with its normal 32 XMS "Handles" up to 2976 bytes
   for all 128 "Handles".   NO low memory is used, saving 304 bytes versus
   the previous drivers!   QXHIMEM and QXUMBPCI eliminate needing QHMBOOT,
   QDBOOT, UMBPCI, QDREL and QHIMEM.   This minimizes the size of user DOS
   diskettes and simplifies the "boot" process.


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