Hi Lester,

only if software is not only free but also open source, it
is possible that other people take care of projects again
which were abandoned for a while. Actually this happened
for several FreeDOS tools before... So we try to put only
open source software in our distro, but from time to time,
we also accept free closed source when there are no open
alternatives. In case of qxumbpci, there is an alternative:
umbpci. Actually qxumbpci is only a small modification of
umbpci, and I do not understand why qxhimem "thinks it
needs qxumbpci" at all. The feature of qxhimem of being
loadable into umbpci UMBs should be possible with any
normal version of umbpci, too :-).


>> How about licensing? Is qxumbpci GPL/open source?
>> If it is closed source it may give you better performance,
>> but you risk that the program may be abandoned...
> I don't even know what GPL stands for and I wouldn't care less.
> All what I need is the best possible modern version of DOS...
> A driver getting abandoned is an inconvenience to be expected
> from any free software.

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