* "Arkady V.Belousov" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [Wed, 21 Feb 2007 
01:03:22 +0300]:
> OOC> FreeDOS, like most DOSes, does not have its own resident
> calculator.
> OOC> TSR calculator is a very useful tool for DOS users and 
> OOC> Therefore, I wrote the FreeDOS Resident Calculator (FDRC) -- TSR
> OOC> calculator with 32-bit arithmetical/logical operations,
>      Not enough (because _complete_ calculator should support both
> programmers integer calculations _and_ non-integer arithmetic). Most
> convenient (in sense of non-integer arithmetic results) calculator,
> which I
> seen, was NDOS' [EMAIL PROTECTED] opeartor.

FDRC is _incomplete_ calc (version 0.1.5). Fixed- or floating-point 
will be implemented in the future versions.

> OOC> reverse
> OOC> polish notation,
>      Useful only for experienced programmers and/or in case of very
> limited
> resources. Not convenient for end users.

Maybe. But RPN is simple and do not requires much resources.

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