Hi Charles, Basudeb,

> I've had the same problem with FreeDOS not accessing hard drives.  From
> what I can tell by testing various programs under FreeDOS and MS-DOS is
> that the FD fdisk program does it's own thing and fails to recognize a
> SCSI drive unless you issue "set FFD_VERSION=6" at the command prompt
> (without quotas).  This won't help you however.  This basically puts
> fdisk in a type of 16-bit mode and the limitations of FAT 16 partitions
> only.  In other words no larger than 2GB FAT 16 partitions.  But it gets

You are right, FreeDOS FDISK has very unreliable disk detection. There
once was an attempt to use the algorithm from LBACACHE instead, but it
seems that this did not become part of the official FDISK. The FreeDOS
version 1.0 distro contains several alternatives: SFDISK, XFDISK, ...

It generally recommends NOT To use FDISK. Sorry about that. Of course
it would be nice to repair FDISK, but then, it has only few "good" feat-
ures: Being "scriptable" (can be controlled from a batch script) and
looking like MS DOS FDISK. Many people call the latter a BAD feature.

> even worse.  The FreeDOS kernel doesn't seem to want anything to do with
> the SCSI int 13h extensions and completely ignores them.  This also

Please explain what you mean by this. FreeDOS worked fine for me when
I last used it on a SCSI machine. The SCSI int 13 BIOS gave access to
the harddisk (including LBA access for large disks). I only had to load
drivers for SCSI CDROM, but it is normal that DOS needs drivers for CDROM.

One thing which did cause problems: You could not use onboard sound and
network at the same time, looks like those have bad DOS compatibility
or DMA / UMB troubles. Trying with MS DOS did not help either. By the
way, talking about sound: USB mice and keyboards have more overhead
than PS2 ones, so for better game fun, you better use PS2 hardware :-p.

> includes loading an ASPI driver.  So until this gets addressed us SCSI
> users are SOL when it comes to FreeDOS.  Correct me if I'm wrong.

I assume you are wrong. As said, no FreeDOS specific SCSI problems
known here. Please explain your SCSI problems in more detail. Also
try if it helps not to load EMM386, and try if it helps to upgrade
to www.japheth.de JEMM386. Do read the documentation of JEMM386, it
is more complex than our classic EMM386 and you might need extra
tuning to get a good config. But then it really works better :-).


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