Since you run Linux, consider DOSEmu to boot FreeDOS.  I do this on my
system.  It allows me to do most/all my development activities on
Linux, but do the final compile under FreeDOS.  The default on DOSEmu
is _not_ to use a drive image, so it just reads/writes in your Linux
$HOME.  My DOSEmu C: drive is
$HOME/Applications/freedos/dosemu/freedos/, for example.

That makes it very easy to use emacs or whatever programmer's editor
to edit your source files directly from Linux.  If your programs don't
require DOS interrupts or a specific DOS library (or if you can
emulate that with a similar library under Linux) then you can do all
your test compiles and debugging under Linux with gcc.  I still
recommend doing a final compile under FreeDOS, using OpenWatcom or
your favorite compiler.

On 3/19/07, me <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I want to develop freedos programs in linux ,since I already have all my
> development stuff there.I don't know whether to ask in a linux forum of
> freedos.I found instructions for building a cross compiler here.
> But the instructions are pretty old and I can't find from a
> reliable source. If I can't cross compile ,will cygwin work on
> freedos?Freedos only has a few Mb left on the partition so I don't want to
> install another compiler.Does anyone have other options?

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