On Monday 21 May 2007 10:46, Stegozor wrote:
> Well, FDRC uses Reverse Polish notation, it seems to be a rather
> developer oriented tool.

That's what I think too :)

> As for Foxcalc I can say that in my view, a calculator application (I
> mean, for human beings) is always good. I use the calc utility of
> Windows fairly often so I see no reason why FreeDOS wouldn't have such
> a tool included. 

I am using a calc tool too - not the win's calc, but KCalc under Suse. Anyway, 
the point is the same - it's always good to have a simple "calc" tool, no 
matter under which OS.

> If possible, adding a scientific mode would be nice 
> (sin, cos, tan, displaying say 1000000 as 1E06, brackets,  basic stats
> (ie enter your data and see characteristic values like standard
> deviation, mean etc. when finished). I don't use these functions
> anymore, 

I tried to keep FoxCalc as simle as I could, without such "expert" things (I 
added MOD just because it was trivial to do so). Personally, I never use 
functions like sin/cos/tan etc, so I don't feel such need...
the "1E06" notation is automatic when when the display number gets to high. 
Brackets are pretty hard to implement now, as I designed FoxCalc from the 
begin as a replacement for all those cheap hand calculator, so it have the 
memory for only 2 numbers (the result + currentWorkNumber)...
In fact, the only time in my life when I needed such scientific calculations 
was when I was at the university... I think that if someone needs an advanced 
calculator, he should rather look after CALC387 or FDRC...

> A backspace 
> key to erase the most recently entered character might be useful, too.

Right, that could be okay... I should implement that before the 1.0 version.

> Also note that FoxCalc doesn't return any error message when you
> divide a number by zero or when you try to get the square root of a
> negative number.

You're wrong. FoxCalc checks those conditions, and if division by zero or 
square negative, it returns "Inf".

> Another possible bug: try  9 999 999 999 999 999 * 9 999 999 999 999.
> Note the content of the calculator's "screen". And then press x^2
> until FoxCalc returns an error: it doesn't seem to check overflow.

I didn't checked that before... :(
I will have to fix that soon.

> FDCalc sounds nice and has less than 8 letters.

Right :)
I'm waiting to see if I got some similar answers (so far, I got only two 
answers, including yours...). If no interest from other FreeDOS user's, I 
will just stay with FoxCalc...

Mateusz Viste

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