There's a RAR for DOS on the Downloads page, but it's shareware /
trial software.  Not entirely free, since you do have to pay for it if
you keep using it.

On their "Addons" page <> they also
list a freeware UNRAR for DOS32, if you only need to extract RAR
archives.  I haven't used it, though.


On 5/31/07, Jose Antonio Senna <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> JIm Lemon wrote:
> >This is almost invariably an older version of unrar trying to uncompress
> >a file compressed with a newer version of rar. As Oleg noted, go to
> >rarlabs and get the latest version.
>  Last time I did access <> I could not find any version
> of unrar (free), just winrar (includes unrar but must be paid and is for
> Windows).
>  Did anyone check the link lately ?
>  Regards
>   JAS

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