Hi Ray,

> I just downloaded and burned FDFULLCD.ISO...
> Bootable CD install stops at "Configuring through DHCP".

Then it tried to download further updates but failed to
communicate with your ADSL router or similar device.

> How can I determine what did not get installed because of this?

I think the whole install process did not finalize that way...

> Is there a way to do an incremental install

Yes. Please do a BASE install to make sure that your DOS
is installed and bootable. You can always start the install
again later to add more packages. You can also use fdpkg
to install packages manually. Or, even easier, you can just
do "cdd c:\fdos" and then "unzip some_file_on_cdrom.zip"
to install the package "some_file" :-). FDPKG adds some
extra things like automatic dependency checking and setup
of packages, but at least ninety percent of the packages
work perfectly after a simple UNZIP instead of FDPKG already.

> http://fd-doc.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php?n=FdDocEn.FdInstall
points you to
> http://fd-doc.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php?n=FdDocEn.FdDependencies
which contains a list of packages which will make the installer
try to contact the internet during install. If you unselect
those packages in the list of installable packages dialogue,
your install should proceed without any DHCP troubles. As said,
you can still add the network related packages later :-).


PS: I recommend that FreeDOS 1.1 will have a preselection
"ALMOST FULL", which is like "FULL" but excludes packages
that need internet or lots of disk space during install.
So you get a quick install in "only" 100 MB ;-). Adding
more packages can happen later based on manual choice.

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