> > Then it tried to download further updates but failed to
> > communicate with your ADSL router or similar device.
> Could it have reasonably been expected to succeed?

Depends on many factors. You better try that with for
example Arachne after installing a basic DOS :-).

The realtek driver is usually okay, but BIG operating
systems do the router / modem init once, while DOS
has to do it again each time when you start a network
client (browser for example), and each time it can
fail... Which can hang if during the install.

> It does boot.

Nice :-).

> I cannot find a list of features and addon packages.
> Are some on the CD and some downloaded?

See, as usual,
>> http://fd-doc.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php?n=FdDocEn.FdInstall
>> http://fd-doc.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php?n=FdDocEn.FdDependencies
...which tells which packages require internet... but see also...

For a full list, see:
>> http://www.freedos.org/freedos/software/
Base is what is in the base distro,
all others should be in the full distro.

> Is there a file manager on the CD?  I am using NC.

>> http://www.freedos.org/cgi-bin/freedos-lsm.cgi?q=f&a=util/ndn.lsm
Necromancer Dos Navigator seems to be our standard NC clone.

> Below is another machine that has had problems with DOS.  It is
> out-of-the-box except I added LH NC.  Does it look normal?

Maybe the usual: UMB problems. Start without emm386. No UMB
(lh / loadhigh / devicehigh then) but better stability :-).

>    Name           Total           Conventional       Upper Memory
>    SYSTEM      25,568   (25k)     11,008   (11k)     14,560   (14k)
sounds like dosdata=umb dos=high,umb :-)

>    HIMEM        2,704    (3k)      2,704    (3k)          0    (0k)
>    EMM386       3,632    (4k)      3,632    (4k)          0    (0k)
>    LBACACHE    20,464   (20k)        336    (0k)     20,128   (20k)
that is quite a big cache, loaded high but with the "scsi safe"
option that should make loading the cache high safe... you can
still try loading lbacache without lh, just in case.

>    COMMAND      4,064    (4k)      3,024    (3k)      1,040    (1k)
probably a big environment size ;-)

>    RTSPKT      26,160   (26k)     26,160   (26k)          0    (0k)
as you see, the network packet driver uses a lot of ram. realtek one.
you could comment out the line that loads that one, or add a "?" in
front of it - then you are asked each time you boot if you want to
load the driver. when you need no network, you can skip it.

>    COMMAND      3,552    (3k)      3,024    (3k)        528    (1k)
a second command.com, probably loaded by nc?

>    XCDROM       2,320    (2k)          0    (0k)      2,320    (2k)
cdrom: not sure if this works well when loaded high, try loading low

>    CDRCACHE    13,072   (13k)          0    (0k)     13,072   (13k)
a pretty big cdrom cache... should work okay in high area, no prob.

>    MORESYS        544    (1k)          0    (0k)        544    (1k)
lets you do things like "tree > more$"

>    FDAPM          928    (1k)          0    (0k)        928    (1k)
a driver to save energy while dos is idle :-)

>    SHSUCDX      8,416    (8k)          0    (0k)      8,416    (8k)
cdrom: not sure if this works well when loaded high, try loading low

>    NC          13,520   (13k)          0    (0k)     13,520   (13k)
>    MOUSE        3,328    (3k)          0    (0k)      3,328    (3k)

>    Free       652,800  (638k)    604,160  (590k)     48,640   (48k)

Nice config, 615k free if you boot without networking :-)
Or 10-15k less if you keep the cdrom stuff low.
Without emm386, you would have roughly 550k free only.


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