Hi Giorgos,

Virtual Box is working well.
It is fast - nearly as fast as virtual pc 2007.
In emulating FreeDOS there is no problem at all.
There seem to be some issues with acpi but that is irrelevant for using
freedos in most cases.

The binary you can get from virtualbox.org is only free for private use.
If you want to use it for business you have to compile it from sources
by yourself.

You can get help in the virtualbox forum.



> I read yesterday, a mail from chieffy (from FSM) to FSM subscribers, that 
> points at these pages:
> http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.com/articles/using_virtualbox_to_run_ubuntu
> http://digg.com/linux_unix/Using_VirtualBox_to_run_Ubuntu_and_any_other_operating_system
> It refers to http://virtualbox.org/ (that comes with freeware binaries and 
> open source sources).
> Since I heard about it at chieffy's mail for the first time, I want to ask 
> you:
> Is someone here, familiar with it? Can he compare it with VMWARE Server? Is 
> it better or worse? Is it faster or slower? Is it emulating FreeDOS 
> properly? What about (free) support options?
> If someone is familiar with it, please share his experience - opinion, with 
> us.
> Giorgos. :-) 

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