Hi all -

One issue I encountered both while trying to install FreeDOS under Linux 
and on its own dedicated partition had to do with the networking setup. As 
I recall one is presented with 3 options:

1) DHCP (default)
2) static IP Q-and-A
3) Edit .cfg manually

(I'm paraphrasing there)

Since I have a static IP I chose (2) and entered the relevant #s. When I 
was done, however, the setup complained that a nameserver was not found 
... but I was never prompted to enter one! Things pretty much hung up 

I tried again with (3), manual entry, but found it strange that this also 
presents one with a file with no place to enter nameserver. It is easy 
enough to type nameserver=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx but I wasn't certain I was using 
the correct configuration/naming convention whatever.


Glenn Becker - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
SDF Public Access UNIX System - http://sdf.lonestar.org

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