Hi again!

> I neglected to mention that the setup went into another hung state
> after I finished hand-editing the file.

Ahhh okay you mean you selected the "edit file" option of
the network setup menu. Well I guess you still have network
troubles. But on the other hand, a simple solution might be
to install without networking. Depends on whether you want
to use networking and/or any of the packages which require
networking during install. I myself would install without
network and then later install Arachne (has a built-in net
config wizard) manually when the rest works. One thing which
uses networking during install are the USB drivers, but you
can just as well download and install them later. This is a
good idea anyway, because they hung when I let the installer
itself download and activate them (too early?) in setup...


PS: "Yeah I would recommend to install without network, see:
You can find a list of internet-using packages here:
..." (quoting myself)

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