Hi Marcos!

I'm really glad you are happy with FreeDOS. That's why I like to work
on FreeDOS - because there are people who still enjoy using it.

Have you been able to keep your FreeDOS installation up-to-date
yourself, by downloading newer versions of programs as we announce
them on the web site? Or are you running a "stock" 1.0 distribution?

See the other discussion thread about the FreeDOS updater program,
which (once it's finished) will help to keep your system running the
latest bugfixes.

Thanks for writing! :-)


On 11/30/07, Marcos Favero Florence de Barros <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> This is my first message to the list, and for now I just want to
> say * THANK YOU * to the FreeDOS team. I am very impressed by
> what you have achieved.
> Practically all my work is done in DOS -- and it is a lot of
> work. It includes text (WordPerfect 6, Aurora) spreadsheets
> (Supercalc, QuattroPro), databases (DataPerfect, Paradox),
> internet (Arachne, Lynx), programming (Euphoria), image viewers,
> sound players, file managers (Navigator, Connect, DC-SK), and so
> on and so forth, plus the usual plethora of utilities.
> I installed FreeDOS in July, and used nothing else since. In the
> beginning there were many crashes of various degrees of
> severity, one of them frightening. But after adjusting config
> and autoexec files, and sometimes the softwares themselves,
> nearly all my softwares are running smoothly.
> It is a real joy for a DOS user like me to be able to work
> knowing that there is a fine team that keeps improving upon DOS.
> I chose to stay with DOS because Windows and Linux became too
> complicated, and also because it is outrageous to dump perfectly
> good computers just because they cannot run the latest giant
> piece of software.
> Apparently, softwares such as Jemm are not officially part of
> the FreeDOS distribution, but I am using them too, so my thanks
> extend to their authors as well.
> Regards,
> Marcos Florence

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