Hi Eric ;-)

> I'd like to put FreeDOS on HDB1,
> but wanted to know if that was possible.

Yes but this will change the drive letters for the
other FAT partitions on HDB, I guess. Unless you
ask Grub / ... to hide the DOS partition before it
boots Windows.

> boot using a DOS bootable floppy, HDA1 shows up as C:, HDB8 shows
> up as D:.  If I install FreeDOS, will it be able to use C:?

Yes but HDB8 will become E: and booting from HDB1 might mean that
drive letters will be different anyway? It might call HDB1 C: then,
HDB8 D: or E:, and HDA1 D: or E:...?

> Also, will FreeDOS mess up my drive lettering in XP?

I think in XP you can tell which drive letters are where,
to make a fixed setup instead of the automatic numbering
which would indeed change when you make HDB1 a FAT disk.
Or, as said, you can tell Grub to dynamically hide DOS.

The NTFS drives of XP (those called C: and D: by XP) will
keep their drive letters anyway afair :-). Note that DOS
will not give the NTFS drives a drive letter at all.

> FreeDOS with Grub, so I think I should be OK.


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