On Dec 17, 2007 11:05 AM, Eric Auer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Chris wrote:
> > I've been following FreeDOS on and off for a while, thinking it would
> > be fun to write a version of InterLNK in my non-existent free time.
> > Alas, it will have to wait.
> Good idea! Original interlnk did the following: A driver on the server
> side kept more or less the whole server busy, and transferred raw disk
> sectors to/from the client.

Right. The MS version worked with the hard and floppy drives, and
IBM's version even worked with the CD drive. I think a FreeDOS version
should work with any mounted drive.

> > My current project is to use FreeDOS to get a minimal Ubuntu
> > installation on my ancient ThinkPad 750P: 5GB disk, 36MB RAM
> Pretty small RAM-wise :-). But you could run Linux 2.2 based
> distros on 12 to 32 MB RAM more or less. Dunno if you have a
> chance with a modern but light Xubuntu ;-).

A minimal Ubuntu install has no GUI. That should be pretty
lightweight. I can add XFCE later, if I can get X to work at all.

> > make a FreeDOS boot floppy with card and socket services and
> > a driver for my PCCard SD card reader [and then loadlin/linld]
> Sounds okay but you could also boot from a floppy Linux distro
> or a DOS network floppy and then download the file via network...
> I think SD readers are not really trivial to support, as they
> are less standardized than PCMCIA/CF or USB storage...?

With the minimal work I did (basically loading DISKDRV.SYS and seeing
it didn't work automatically), I'm now trying to get a stack of
floppies to work with the 9MB Ubuntu mini ISO, and it crashes at
startup. Not a topic for this list, however.


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