> > This is a known problem. If you do a FULL (not only base) install,
> > several packages will be downloaded from internet, but it is not
> > at all easy for FreeDOS to automatically configure the internet.
> > It often hangs. I think it should not be done like that by default.

> Thank you for your answer. I didn't find a base install option though.
> How do I activate it?

There is a sub menu during install:

1) Start installation of FreeDOS 1.0 Final
2) Change installation mode
3) Reset language to English
Q) Return to previous menu

The "installation mode" menu is:

1) Full install    (All disksets and corresponding sources)
2) Minimal install (BASE diskset(s) only)
3) Custom install  (all packages, let me decide)

I think (SUGGESTION for FreeDOS 1.1) it would be easier
to combine both into ONE menu:

0) Reset language to English
1) Start Full install        (All disksets)
2) Start Full online install (All disksets and all downloads)
3) Start Minimal install     (BASE diskset(s) only)
4) Start Custom install      (all packages, let me decide)
Q) Return to previous menu

"You can always run FDPKG later to add more packages
and to install the source code of packages"

The latter line would only be displayed if the
sources are detected to be on CDROM - if the
CDROM is a smaller non-source one, it could be
replaced by a note about the source homepage.


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