On Wednesday 13 February 2008, robinson-west user wrote:
> ulimit(fdupdate.tab) EIO error input/output error...

Wow, that's an error I've never seen...

> My freedos update locks up and I've noticed something similar to the
> above error.  Is there supposed to be a ulimit executable?  

No, there's no ulimit executable, as ulimit is (as far as I know) only found 
in Linux systems...

> Is there 
> supposed to be an installation of djgpp for wget to work?

No, you don't need DJGPP to get wget working, as it is already compiled. You 
only need CWSDPMI (or any other DPMI environment).
When exactly do you get the error? Is the bug manifesting each time you run 
FDUPDATE? What are your startup files (autoexec & config)?
Where do you got your wget copy from?

Mateusz Viste

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