> 2) When I call from within autoexec.bat to test.bat file then after
> test.bat is done it won`t jump back to autoexec.bat, also if exit is the
> last command.

Use the command CALL. f.e.

call test.bat

> Now I have one folder with all my 'shortcuts'. The shortcut is just a
> batchfile which will call the long name. But how can I pass the command
> line parameters correctly?

if you want to call

test.bat param1 param2

which executes a program, use %1, %2, %3... for first, second...
parameter. In test.bat for example:

test.exe %1 %2

Maybe you should use 4DOS...it supports many many command (has a good
script/batch language) and has a very good help.


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