> I want to create a distro (inherited the term from linux distro) based
> on FreeDOS. The first release may be an Free emulator (Bochs) fully...

> First question. Are I am forced to offer a download for the source of
> those two software packages? Or is it ok simply to redirect to the
> original projects because the source can be downloaded there which
> would have more point anyway?

Technically, you must offer a copy of the sources on your own homepage.
This is also because the original FreeDOS homepage could be down, or
your users may want to use the source code of exactly the version you
are using, while the FreeDOS homepage might only have newer versions.
Plus of course it helps to save bandwidth for the FreeDOS homepage to
offer copies on your own distro homepage :-). Pointing to freedos.org
for reference still is desirable and recommended.

> Second question. Can FreeDOS be mixed up with freeware (non-Free
> Software). There is some freeware without source code...

Yes of course. As long as you do not compile open source and closed
source components together into one (for example) exe, the GNU will
be happy ;-). Remember that many users have Adobe Acrobat Reader and
Flash plugin and Skype on their Linux computers even though for the
first two acceptable open source alternatives are available...

> How could you include Viaudio into FreeDOS 1.0? It's a non-Free
> driver from via.

FreeDOS 1.0 contains a sort of installer for such not really free
drivers. The installer downloads the freely accessible but unclear
license drivers from their homepages - which often causes FreeDOS
to hang during install because the automatic network configuration
does not work on all computers out of the box. I personally prefer
to tell people to download the drivers themselves (they can even
use their Windows or Linux for that) and then copy them to their
FreeDOS installation manually. Note that only the FULL FreeDOS 1.0
contains such installers (VIA, SCSI, USB, ...) while the BASE 1.0
distro can be installed completely without internet connection :-).


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