Is no one else running DOS on late model machines to do actual work.  My 
primary machines now are Pentium D.  With a mix of PATA and SATA.  I 
have rather recent suites from Corel and M$.  But my word processor of 
choice is still WP 6.2a DOS.  My accounts payable program was written in 
1995.  Once in a while I do a serious search for a new program, and then 
stick with what I have.  I have had a UPS driver with a COD, and I have 
booted DOS and printed a check, and the driver did not feel I 
unnecessarily delayed him.  Try that with a GUI.  I also have a material 
requirements planning program that can still keep up.  I actually think 
chasing numbers and letters around the screen with a mouse is not very 
efficient.  I also have a printed circuit layout program.

And I have to work real hard to crash DOS.


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