Hey I just came up with this thought.  Anybody with a USB CD/DVD-RW
drive?  I think it would be an interesting test to see if USBASPI.SYS
works with cdrtools/cdrkit.

On Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 3:06 PM, Blair Campbell <blaird...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> points to the 7zip: http://rugxulo.googlepages.com/xgcdrm24.7z
>> Would this driver work for recording? on any drive?
>> Maybe I am just daydreaming :)
> No you're not :-).
> First, I compiled the latest version of cdrtools (the current one is
> way outdated), which is cdrecord-ProDVD-ProBD 2.01.01a58.
> Then, I discovered that some linux distributions forked cdrtools
> because of licencing issues, so I decided to try their fork
> (www.cdrkit.org) and successfully compiled that.
> Note that genisoimage (mkisofs-equivalent in cdrkit) for some reason
> requires -allow-limited-size to be able to create any isos (this is a
> bug).
> So to test I loaded xgcdrom.sys, then oakaspi.sys (ASPI over ATAPI
> driver; http://www.wolfgang-brinkmann.de/bcdw/aspi.sys)
> Then I created a test ISO with genisoimage -J -allow-limited-size -o
> test.iso testdir...
> Then I executed wodim test.iso.
> At the end of recording wodim spit out an error message about not
> closing the session or something, so I pressed Ctrl-C twice and it
> ended the wodim execution.  I then manually ejected the DVD and
> re-insterted it.  When I did dir d:\, all of the files in the ISO were
> present, and I was able to successfully read the files on the DVD.
> So it works, but there are bugs (most likely in cdrkit).  Soon I will
> also test the cdrecord I compiled (I already tested mkisofs, which
> does not require -allow-limited-size as genisoimage does).  Perhaps
> cdrecord will not require Ctrl-C to end the execution; who knows.
> Note that I do not know whether the drive I tested on is SATA or not.
> Perhaps also wodim has options that will cause it to execute
> correctly.  I'll let someone else more familiar with these utilities
> do the testing :-).
> Does anybody have an opinion as to which is better? (cdrkit vs. cdrtools)
> Do I have any willing testers for other drives? (you should probably
> use CD-RWs or DVD-RWs)

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